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Drug abuse and misuse is a serious health problem affecting the entire community and every family in some way. Taking more than the prescribed dosage or using it without a prescription is considered drug abuse. However, even people who follow a prescription can still become addicted.

Xanax Dependence

Xanax 1mg works best in treating anxiety and panic disorders. It is typically abused because of the relaxation it causes to the users and its calming effect. It is definitely addictive especially when used long-term. Xanax dependency develops quickly. Dependence to Xanax is evident when users take more of it or at higher doses, injecting or snorting it, and mixing it with other drugs or alcohol to achieve the desired effects. One’s obsession with Xanax can be fatal and overdose can also occur.

Signs of Xanax abuse and overdose include:

Extreme drowsiness
Feeling light-headed
Lack of coordination
Increased salivation
Slowed heart rate
Difficulty breathing
It is not advisable for a person who developed addiction on Xanax to suddenly stop taking the medication. As it may lead to severe and fatal withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may include:
Convulsions or seizures
Muscle spasms
Excessive sweating
Heart palpitations
Changes in heart rhythm
Trembling (particularly in the hands)

Overcoming Xanax Dependence

Overdose - Treating Xanax overdose depends on how much of it was taken and whether it is combined with other drugs or alcohol. In the event of an overdose, medics may pump the stomach to extract as much of the unabsorbed Xanax as possible. Antidotes may also be administered
Addiction - There are several options when it comes to tapering off of Xanax. It is best to detox from Xanax effectively on a safe and monitored environment. It is highly recommended to look for a credible and accredited rehab center that provides medical detox program. With that, people addicted to Xanax can receive round-the-clock care and their safety is ensured as they cleanse their bodies.
Xanax (Alprazolam) is the best medication so far when it comes to anxiety disorder. Using it according to your doctor’s prescription is still the most effective and best way to achieve its medical effects. Always consult your doctor if you feel the need to increase or decrease the dosage. Misuse and abuse of Xanax may lead to addiction and overcoming it is not easy. You may also talk to your pharmacist on how to use it the right way. If you have plans to buy Xanax online, the right place to be is at Online pharmacy. They don’t just sell medications. They also ensure their client’s well-being by providing guidelines on how to use and take it.