Xanax(Alprazolam) Side Effects

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Common Side Effects of Xanax

A lot of people suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorders and there are many prescriptions available to be used as treatment. Xanax is a brand of name of Alprazolam which calms the signals of excitement in our brain receptors. You can buy Xanax (Alprazolam) online at our trusted online pharmacy. It is one of the most reliable online pharmacies out there.

Though Xanax 1mg is prescribed by most doctors, you can also avail some higher dosages such as Xanax 2mg or Xanax 3mg.

However, all medications have some side-effects and you should be aware of them. Consult your doctor immediately if you start to feel discomfort. The following side-effects are common in Alprazolam.


This is the feeling of abnormally sleepy or tired in the morning. It is a sensation affecting the capacity of the human body and brain to remain active. You’re mental, emotional and psychological state plays a huge factor in causing drowsiness. Drowsiness is caused by the lack of sleep or change in lifestyle but it can also be caused by in taking certain medications. Neurotransmitter drugs for treatment of anxiety and panic disorders have endogenous chemicals that affect our human brain.


Vomiting is the forceful discharge of the stomach contents. Usually vomiting is harmless but it can also lead to dehydration if not taken care immediately. Dehydration from vomiting is the loss of fluid or water enabling the body not to function properly.


It refers to the feeling of having cramps or pain in your abdominal area and loss of the bowel movements. Like vomiting, it can also cause dehydration which is harmful to the body. You can also experience diarrhea from the contaminated food and water we take. Intake of medications containing high content of magnesium can cause a laxative effect triggering spasms, cramps, and irritation of the mucosal lining of the bowels. Although, magnesium streate is safe to intake, too much of it can lead to the same effect.


Our memory is a ball of information and the faculty for learning. Memory loss can be a short term of forgetfulness or can lead to permanent damage in the human brain. It can be a sign of dementia or other illness such as Alzheimer’s disease. Some medications can also cause memory loss such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and anti-anxiety prescriptions. Like Benzodiazepines, this can impair and harm our memory after long-term use. There are side effects in everything we do but it does not limit us to yearn for a healthy body and mind. With proper caution, you can still use Xanax to treat your anxiety disorder. If you really need, I’d recommend buying Xanax online form a reliable pharmacy as they are cheaper. Our pharmacy is your ideal online pharmacy.